Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen

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Re: Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen

Postby Genesis » Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:49 pm

A-Cube wrote:I wanted more gun shots and highlights from Ironhide and Ratchet, but the movie was about Optimus Prime, so we had to live with that.

That's my only take on the film. When your leader dies, the second in command takes charge. With Optimus dead for over half the film, Ironhide should have played a role of some sort. Nothing. Ironhide did nothing in the film whatsoever. At least he took down a few decepticons in the first film. I mean, he's the eldest Autobot, Optimus Prime's best friend in a way, and have been together and fought battles since the dawn of the comics, his word has always been taken on board among the Autobots even when Optimus is around. But he did nothing in the film. I hated that. He just hid behind the ruins in Egypt with the Autobots and hardly took any Decepticons down ... bleh...
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Re: Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen

Postby A-Cube » Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:57 pm

The 2 goof balls had more action than Ironhide lol. So yeah, big time disappointment. The Egyptian battle should have been the monster of all the battles, but the director was too busy chasing Shia Labouffe and Megan. I saw Ratchet taking exactly 2 shots, and that's about it (And he's my favorite Autobot). So bad Michael...bad Michael.
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