Audio Bone AB10-BK Headphones

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Audio Bone AB10-BK Headphones

Postby TranceFusion » Wed Mar 11, 2009 2:47 am

The Japanese have this hobby of always surprising the world with new amazing technologies! Once again they are the ones behind this Bone Conduction Technology:

"Audio Bone 1.0 headphones are a revolutionary new way to enjoy stereo quality musical sound while minimizing attention distraction and ear drum damage. Audio Bone 1.0 Headphones are unique from other portable headphones, in that they deliver stereo quality music without using your ears. Instead these headphones rest in front of a listener's ears and utilize recently developed Bone Conduction technology to convert sound waves into vibrations transmitted directly to the inner ear, bypassing the ear canal and eardrum. Unlike normal headphones, Audio Bone is worn outside the listener's ears. As a result, you get stereo quality music, while you can still hear ambient sounds like conversations and traffic, ideal for active people like runners, cyclists, workers etc. Audio Bone's innovative technology is supported by a number of university and scientific studies that indicate this form of listening is healthier for your ears because it puts less stress on the ear drum. This alleviates potential damage to the eardrum commonly associated with prolonged use of standard headphones and ear buds that cover or fit inside your ear. In fact, since Audio Bone transmits sound waves directly to the inner ear, people who suffer from ear drum damage may find Audio Bone helps them enjoy a wider range of music than they've experienced in years. Weighing in at a feather light 1.3 ounces, these lightweight, comfortable headphones rest in front of your ears and free you from the soreness and discomfort that often occurs from wearing conventional headphones. Work with all standard iPods, iPhones, MP3 players
- Lightweight - weigh just 1.3 ounces
- High quality stereo sound
- Ear-Free - hear other sounds around you"

Click here for the source.
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Postby Nicoco » Wed Mar 11, 2009 8:20 pm

Not Bad! finally a paradigm shift in the headphone industry!
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