Astral Projection ~ Ionized (Transient Records)

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Astral Projection ~ Ionized (Transient Records)

Postby A-Cube » Tue Jul 31, 2007 1:20 pm

[align=center]Astral Projection ~ Ionized (Transient Records)[/align]

Transient was founded 1994 by Disco Volante (Russel Coultart and Lawrence Cooke) to release their own tracks and those from other artists on the London party scene. Music policy was mostly trance and psy-trance.
Transient Records effectively closed their doors for about a year, during 2005. They re-launched in early 2006.
Transient Records also includes two sub-labels: Automatic Records and Chaotic Records.


Over the years many names appeared on the psy-trance scene. Very few can claim that they have stayed faithful to the true Goa sound. Astral Projection are one of those. Three Israeli producers and DJs(Avi Nissim, Lior Perlmutter & Yan-Iv Haviv) that have been the corner-stone of Israeli psychedelic music for over a decade now and who are still delivering quality productions away from all the changes that have somehow changed the psy sound in the 21st century.


Many releases by Astral Projection have become classics such as “Mahadeva” or “Enlightened Evolution” or their remix of “God is a DJ” by Faithless. But a personal favorite of mine remains a track that introduced me to the real Goa sound: ”Ionized”.

Released on 12” Vinyl on the 17th of February 1997, “Ionized” was a limited edition. The vinyl also included another track “Kabalah”(New Age mix) and was Taken from the forthcoming album "The Astral Files". Lior Permutter was behind the production of “Ionized” while the New Age mix of “Kabalah” was courtesy of Avi Nissim and Yan-Iv Haviv.

Like every other true Goa track “Ionized” starts with a powerful and aggressive bass-line. A little break afterwards provides a launching ramp for the track. Strong background elements, powerful bass, the rhythm seems to lose its intensity after a few minutes. It is only a preparation to an even stronger sound, the real psychedelic sound. And the end is like the beginning: powerful, aggressive and a little break to give the track even more power. A simply amazing release. A true psychedelic achievement.


So far in “The Classic of the week” section we explored the 90’s hard trance and uplifting sound it was only normal to talk about the sound that got a lot of European ravers addicted to in the late 90’s. My psychedelic background not being that rich I owe it to Paul Oakenfold and his Global Underground Oslo for introducing me to this amazing track. Oaky and many other DJs(such as Paul Van Dyk as we previously saw) were the pioneers in introducing this new genre of trance to the European masses.
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Postby Genesis » Tue Jul 31, 2007 4:49 pm

Teeehhheeeee... Love Astral Projection!!! Ionized is a brilliant track though I
still believe that their remix of God is a DJ is their very very best production.
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Postby TranceFusion » Tue Jul 31, 2007 5:41 pm

Ionized is pure beauty!!! :D surely full of psy power :D and A.P. are my favorite DJs in psy/goa. But my favorite track by A.P. is without hesitation People Can Fly... i'm just speechless when i hear it :shock:
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Postby DIONYSOS » Fri Aug 03, 2007 11:02 am

Not my favorite work from AP but most definitely among my favorites! They're my top name when it comes to Goa too, simply unmatched.

Thanks for yet another perfectly written review man! You're kicking serious ass!
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