Cloud 69 ~ Sixty Nine Ways [Bonzai/XTC]

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Cloud 69 ~ Sixty Nine Ways [Bonzai/XTC]

Postby Shy--Ism » Wed Jun 27, 2007 7:39 pm

Cloud 69 ~ Sixty Nine Ways

When it comes to hard sounds in Trance music, the most anticipated record label for the release would be the most well known Belgium label Bonzai Records which was founded back in 1992, a sub-label of Lightning Records. With the matter of time, Bonzai was also known as Banshee Worx recordings, divided into two other sub-labels: Bonzai jumps and Bonzai Trance Progressive supporting different styles in the electronic dance music field.



Fortunately and due to its quality sound, Sixty Nine Ways saw the light on a famous Bonzai imprint, to be more specific on XTC records which is a sub-label of Bonzai Recordings itself.
Laurent Véronnez was and still is one of the top producers we can see nowadays; Airwave now known as Cloud 69 in the past as his one of his first aliases along side with his most famous ones Larry Laffer, Blue Velvet and Lolo (Plus many others) used for his most remarkable releases in the early age of producing.

Sixty Nine Ways was released on an original A-side vinyl, while When I Close My Eyes occupied the B-side. The B-side is also a nice track, with a lovely melody; but with all due honesty and generally speaking, the A-side does it for everyone. “Sixty Nine Ways” got released in 1999/2000, and since then people can not but call it with pure CLASSIC, which is indeed. Why?


The track can swiftly mesmerize you with its hard edgy elements; its entrance starts with silky materials, offering us smooth and hypnotizing sounds right from the beginning, adding more ear-catching short vocals and backing things up with an astonishing melodious background. Beats and breaks aren’t but beautiful elegant factors that keep the track on its right path, embellishing it therefore reaching the sort of breath-taking breakdown decorating the whole inspiring atmosphere and taking us to an awesome reverie, a very mysterious one; a breakdown supported by lovely sounds since now and then, pushing you to raise up your hands and enjoy the enthusiasm.
Things get even hotter after the beautiful break, where you can not but count at least sixty nine ways (which is impossible) to escape from the whole tasteful zest of this outstanding production and get back to the real reality. The bass-line also brings a lot of nostalgic moments, nasty yet extremely clean.”Sixty Nine Ways” is just marvelous, even quite gorgeous, which we can all call with ‘Classic Tune’ … ‘Choon” … or anything else that can almost perfectly describe it and its effect on the listener. The passion is quite noticeable behind this classic production, a lovely and rough one as well as an admirable spirit and pretty talented skills.
What’s mentioned above reveals the outcome of such a huge production on the whole music, but still not enough to express how important it was on the electronic dance music scene and specifically Trance music. Hence the track has been featured on many compilations, albums and compact disks only to name the very famous ones such as in the Magik series Magik Six: Live In Amsterdam by Dj Tiesto in 2000, From Bonzai With Love 2000, more in Tiesto’s Sensation live at Amsterdam and last but not least on the 12” vinyl of Bonzai 7th Anniversary . The release and its significant appearances are really surprising but were highly anticipated; “Sixty Nine Ways” had a great effect on the scene, and it still has inspirational impact on our current Djs/Producers/Remixers.


If you have never heard of this Classic, you better do that immediately and enjoy its unique sound.
Old-Schoolers, it’s about time to break the eagerness and recall the good old gold-ish times!

Sample: Cloud 69 – Sixty Nine Ways (8:15)

Source: CR
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Postby A-Cube » Wed Jun 27, 2007 8:31 pm

Bonzai are the corner-stone of hard trance music...& this track proves it once again...quality hard trance is rarely found these days...
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Postby crow » Wed Jun 27, 2007 9:24 pm

Hard Trance is slowly dying and most artists are shifting to the trance scene... A good reason is the rapid growth of tech-trance. Even Hard House producers too. Less Haslam quit Tidy Traxx for fuck's sake!

Back to the topic, great review! Love it to bits!
This is to dedicated to all newcomers to the scene! ;)
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Postby TranceFusion » Wed Jun 27, 2007 11:30 pm

Plz someone in this world revive Hard Trance :cry:
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Postby samlbronkowitz » Thu Jun 28, 2007 12:02 am

TranceFusion wrote:Plz someone in this world revive Hard Trance :cry:

AMEN to that!! its too late though--u'll never get that sound back, eveyrthing's changed!!!!!

Great review Sarah. Bonzai holds a special place in my heart. The original Lightning Records shop in north BElgium is where i first discovered EM, bought my first CD (Trancemaster IV) in 1993 and fell in love with hard biting bpms from cherrymoon, yves deruyter, blue velvet, etc.etc. amazing first track to choose from. I can't wait to hear more in this section!

edit: what an amazing beat during the slowdown before he RIPS it up!! God i miss this track!! listen to MY complete version now :D
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Postby Immy » Thu Jun 28, 2007 3:45 pm

What a Fuckin Tune 69 is, Tiesto all over it Man! droped it at Creams birthday last year I lost the Plot!
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Postby Night Stalker » Sat Jun 30, 2007 12:59 am

actually, Hardtrance has got nothing but HARDER, MEANER post 2003 (imho)!!

It's mostly limited to Japanese producers though, and a few German ones as well.

It's popularity though, as well as the number of producers/releases , outside of Japan, Germany and Holland, has DEMINISHED, greatly i do agree.

P.S. btw: a STELLAR review from an intelligent young lady!!

its about time to set the BPM ON FIRE.....

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Postby DIONYSOS » Sat Jun 30, 2007 4:42 pm

Sarah, what a CLASSY track to pick for the opener of this section!

69 Ways was one of the first few tracks I heard of Airwave (my all-time favorite producer next to Ferry), so this particularl track means a lot to me and revives so much nostalgia!

Gotta love the "analog feel" of the elements, the simplicity of their flow, and how back then technical complexity was the last thing a producer worries about when delivering a track - it really was all about the music! All you needed was a melody that gets you tripping and a beat that gets you jumping, unlike today's requirements. And Airwave has got to be the king of the castle when it comes to simplicity in production, even up till this very day, while this classic is proof to that.

As for Bonzai, well in this case the label is just as significant as the producer and the track. We really owe it to Bonzai for supporting such musical geniuses as Airwave, Vincent de Moor, and Push (to name but very few) before their rise to fame. Bonzai's crew of artists dominated the scene back in the days, and the production standards they set back then are the standards that the next wave of Trance producers abided by. Of course in parallel Ferry was doing the same for the softer sound and Astral Projection for the harder, but that's another story (or two) right there.

So in a nutshell: :notworthy:
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