J00F - Global Trance Grooves 51 (July 07)

J00F's monthly Psychedelic Trance show on DI.FM

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J00F - Global Trance Grooves 51 (July 07)

Postby Genesis » Fri Jul 27, 2007 2:27 pm

This is one superb episode!
I was holding my breath for next month (a 2 hour set by John) but this
month's has blown me away. The progressive part is an exquisitly stunning
bit of the set starting off by Sun Control Species to then lift off with Audio
The month's edition has quite a few good fresh material. Daniel Whirloop's
new single to be released on JOOF Recordings is featured as the teaser tune
to then lash in with the psychedelic bit of the set.
Chakra's new tune followed up by the new J00F vs Digital Blonde (currently
unknown title sledge-hammer) and the explosive Creature of The Night for
the end of the set. Another cracker from The Fleming!

The set has been recorded from The Electric Daisy Festival in LA.

The second hour is a guest mix from Antix - you'll either like it or hate it.
Very Electro and monotonous... Their set didn't seem to take off from me
at all.

1st Hour: J00F

01: Sun Control Species - Spines
02: Perfect Stranger and DJ Pena - Ode Ao sol (Vibrasphere remix)
03: Argun Vagale - Liquid Sun
04: Audio Junkies - Close Your Eyes
05: Kan Gooroo - A Night In Botanic Gardens (Whirloop Remix)
06: ID
07: Altom - All of That (Silicon Sound remix)
08: Chakra - The Pretenders
09: ID (0.0db new single)
10: Xerox & Illumination - Creature of the Night

2nd Hour: Antix

01: Antix - Circade
02: ID
03: Antix - AK Is Burning
04: Antix - B.H.D
05: ID
06: Antix - Seven Seas
07: Antix - Flock
08: Antix - Blew
09: ID

Set's on the Jukebox and here's the download link for the set: Download
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Postby samer » Sat Jul 28, 2007 2:13 pm

well am very interested in JOOF's set.. i like his "TRANCY" side of music eventhough it's very progressive, he manages to introduce somehow a different side of trance, always interesting to check it out!
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