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Postby A-Cube » Fri Dec 05, 2008 12:34 am

Amr...give it a rest will you?? Stop calling names...and believe me the last thing you need is a testimony from someone who witnessed the complete fiasco that was your last event...Johnny came and saw the extent of a damage that I lived through for a painful 3 hours...

And why was it Johnny who was in charge of entertaining a certain DJ?? As an organizer and event promoter you have to follow the DJ and show him a good time from the moment his plane lands until it takes off...but someone did not bother doing that...

And most of us know what happened with Michael...and believe me you do NOT want him to come here and say the details of his little encounter with you...

So shut the hell up dude and stop bullshitting everyone...

One more name calling and you'll earn yourself yellow card...
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Postby TRANCED » Fri Dec 05, 2008 12:35 am

ما حاورت جاهلا الا و غلبني
Someone translate to Kamil....

Seriously.. Why are we still arguing?
We all know the truth in here... Including the ones lying and defending themselves...
So what are we trying to prove really?

I think we should give minimum attention for those who just barking for more of it!
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Postby silver_edge » Fri Dec 05, 2008 12:36 am

Underground will live forever baby,were just like roaches...Live forever,never die
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Postby UnFoRgivEr » Fri Dec 05, 2008 12:37 am

silver_edge wrote:My turn 2 talk ... No1 fucks with amr...who fucks with him,fucks with me...hes a good friend of mine...w u guys dont u think if u attack him like that im gonna sit up and do nothin bout it...THE BOTTOM LINE,U ALL GUYS SUCK AS ORGANIZERS!a good organizer never looses money in a gig and as far as i know aya wa7ad minkon did a gig lost money so stop talkin like u guys are the shit,AYAM festival yali sarilna 3am mnitmanyak 3leh weeks made a fortune,even if its out of little fuckin kids back,but at the end of the day ,yes its te money that counts! so u guys sit back and stop critisizin each others shit!get along and for once ma kil wa7ad ychouf 7alo chi 2ossa kbireh
and oh johny im 19 too,does that make me a kid as well?i hope u clarify this point...
min awal ma 3melet sign up 3ala hal forum ma bchouf ila ness cheyfeh 7ala w mfakra 7ala chi 2ossa kbireh w ma 7ada bitala,w kil ma a3mol comment ma ble2eh ila some1 critisizin my ass!GET BACK 2 EARTH
and oh again ...amr is a close friend of mine,so plz,ma 7ada yighlat ,cz if u disrespect him,ur disrespectin me...

lessa kel chwai , every other sec i receive a new notification in my email that some1 replied on this topic .............
eh khalllsou el sama taba3na , w kel ensen ykhalli fekerto la 7alo ...... chu badkon t7arrirou palestine bi hal topic ........ yel3an raffkon ekher hal leil !!! rou7ou 7arbou el yahood metel ma 3am t7arbou ba3dkon .... lol ....
raneem and johnny are very close friends of mine too , can i back them up like u r doin silver_edge ???
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , no one yeghlaaaaaaaaat !! LMAO ....
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Postby Genesis » Fri Dec 05, 2008 12:38 am

Raneem wrote:^ it's not for you to decide when the topic gets locked! :)

True; it's up to me, so here's the scoop -

1- SPEAK IN FUCKING ENGLISH! It takes me double the time to read your trashy responses than it would when you speak english. And *touches wood* you all speak English (let alone French) and have done so ever since you joined the forum. You want to speak Lebanese (mainly when you want to shite at each other) do it in private.

2- I don't know what Amr did and I don't care. I'm not a part of what he does and I wouldn't even recognize any of you people if I bumped into any of you down the road so I don't care who is right and who's not. The bottom line is that you are all behaving like animals. You might as well jump onto a tree and fling your poop at each other for all I care.

Johnny and Amr: You both made your points clear. Why are you still arguing about this? Forget members, forget human nature, aren't you both a DJ and an organizer respectively? Ok, so how are you two behaving as professionally as you should be given the stature that you both are in? Amr, let it go with the names. You made mistakes and that's fine - don't get so defensive. Johnny, we know your case and we all know you're right: you don't have to explain or defend yourself.

Edge: I don't care who's your friend and who you are away from this forum; don't walk in here flapping your penis at us. Choose your words and control yourself as you really deserve a warning. And please, oh please, go put a condom on because ''tartashna'' with your uncontrollable vulgar sperm count flying across the topic.

Everybody else: Stop blowing wind into the fire.

Cube has already sounded his opinion that reflects how things are on the ground. I'm going to take his post as stating the facts and describing how things are because I'm in no geographic position to do so and see what's right and wrong. So please, all of you, read what he said and let it go.
Take your fights away from the forum. Don't get me wrong; I (and Cube included in this) LOVE debates. It starts topics and things to talk about as long as it's constructive and handled in an appropriate manner. Obviously this topic has lost its plot as you have all lost your sense of civil duty.

I very well believe that this topic has served its purpose by firstly picking on Underground and its management and Ayam Festival and secondly by pointing out Amr's shortcomings and getting every person to take sides and just point fingers at each other.

I'm locking this topic, and if you have a problem with that, well... don't PM me because I'll probably send you a photo of a bare hairy arse.

Ironhide has spoken.

Good night.
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Postby TRANCED » Fri Dec 05, 2008 12:38 am

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