London Massive, does it AGAIN?

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London Massive, does it AGAIN?

Postby Night Stalker » Tue Jul 12, 2011 11:15 pm

Opening up a set in a "London Massive" style ain't a bad idea guys.. really...

holy... Johnnnny Beeeeeee.. been away for so long, how can u miss a john b new years set that is 2 years old, well i did ... absolute genius... check out the track list and you can get the podcast if u joined the itunes world for free!!


1. Alix Metric - It Starts Again (John B Re-Edit)
2. Specialist Sound - Sirens
3. Receptor - Princess [Beta]
4. Seba - Painted Sky [SecretOperations]
5. The Upbeats - Big Skeleton [Non Vogue]
6. Receptor - Ass [Beta]
7. Tomcraft - Time For Livin (Electrixx Remix)
8. Vitalic - Poison Lips
9. Abe Duque & Blake Baxter - Let's Take It Back (Joey Beltram Remix)
10. Camo & Krooked - The Big Rush [Nasca]
11. System - Peach Fuzz - [Exit Recordings]
12. The Upbeats - Untitled Evy Tekno
13. Camo & Krooked - Mindset [Beta]
14. Ares Solto - Le Jardin (John B Re-Edit)
15. Specialist Sound - Heartbeatz
16. Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name Of (L Plus Remix)
17. Freeland - Borderline (John B Re-Edit)
18. John B - Robot Lover [Beta]
19. Depeche Mode - Wrong (Trentemoller Club Remix Dub) ... d334105892
its about time to set the BPM ON FIRE.....

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