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Biography: Soliquid

Postby A-Cube » Thu Oct 09, 2008 7:47 pm

Soliquid (David Biczók), regardless of being only 23 years old, has reached huge success all over the world with his original productions and remixes receiving strong play list support from John Digweed, Sasha, Nick Warren, Paul van Dyk, Tiesto, Ferry Corsten to name but a few. He is one of the most internationally recognized producers in Hungary and during his career thus far he has produced a wide range of styles from trance & progressive house to minimal & tech house.

Soliquid has been producing electronic music since he was 8 years old; leading on from a very early musical education playing the piano. His first official release was in 2003, which was a remix of the Anthem of The Budapest Parade 2003 (Naksi vs. Brunner – Just One Day). The remix was quickly snapped up for release by the German label ‘Shah Music’; featuring on many illustrious compilations including ‘Mayday’ in the same year. Later in 2003, David was signed to the label ‘Innovative UK’ under his own moniker ‘Soliquid’; releasing his EP ‘Meerkat Fields/Rock It!’. Strong support & acclaim quickly followed from DJ’s such as Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Judge Jules, Above & Beyond and many more. After listening to the record, UK trance legend ‘Lange’ asked him for a remix of ‘George Hales – Isolation’ for his own label ‘Lange Music’, which also received strong support world wide including play listing by Armin van Buuren on his weekly radio show, ‘A State of Trance’.

In 2004 Soliquid signed to the Finnish trance label of ALT+F4, Electric Sauna. His first record for the label was released under his new alias, ‘Bëlmondo’. In the summer of 2005 he launched a new project under the name S.Q.D. This alias was based on a more progressive and deeper sound and the first two S.Q.D. tracks were released on one of the biggest and the most renowned labels in trance, ‘Anjunabeats’.

DJ requests were flowing in and Soliquid started to perform all over his native Hungary.

In the beginning of 2006, regretting no time, he launched a fourth project under the name Frozen Pleasure. The first 3 Frozen Pleasure tracks were immediately released on the German label, Drizzly - enjoying great success. By this time, remix requests were flooding in from labels such as Euphonic, Noizest, Real Music & Purple Eye.

In 2007, Soliquid really started to turn his focus onto only producing top quality tracks, aimed at being signed to the biggest and most well known labels in dance music. These efforts had their result and several EP’s followed for Renaissance, Baroque, Blackhole, Proton Music, Manual Music & Captured. His track ’Music Is for Rich People’ gained huge success all over the world by the end of the same year and also featured on Tiesto’s ‘Elements of Life’ DVD.

2008 has been the year where Soliquid’s previously produced tracks have started to be released. Two of his latest tracks have been picked up by world #3 DJ, John Digweed to feature on his eagerly anticipated ‘Transitions 4’ compilation and UK dance legends Hybrid requested another Soliquid production for their compilation on Nick Warren’s ‘Hope Recordings’.

At this time Soliquid has been spending most of his time in his studio, producing many new original productions and remixes for the same high caliber labels, all with his gritty, melodic and current signature sound. Next to producing he is running three radio shows worldwide on, ‘Sensegenerate’ and Hungary’s own ‘’.

As a DJ he started to receive gigs in 2005-2006 and played four times on Sensation Hungary, along with being invited to Poland, Germany, Finland, Denmark, The UK & Turkey. During his sets Soliquid plays an underground fusion of melodic minimal, techno, tech house & progressive; preferring to mix a ‘feeling’, rather than just tracks.

The future looks very bright for Hungary’s man of the moment as remix, compilation and bookings requests flood in paving the way for, no doubt, one of the leaders of the nu-school.

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Postby Proof » Thu Oct 09, 2008 10:48 pm

I love his productions. Very versatile producer. I've seen him do a live track (with a keyboard synth out) some time ago in a club ... back when he was in his SQD phase.

Soliquid - Piknic Bugz <3

even his newer track on Baroque is quite good.
- Rodrigo Mateo - Carbon Monoxide (Praveen Achary Remix) [Baires Records]
- Alter Breed - Blue White (Praveen Achary Remix) [Spherax Recordings]
- Praveen Achary - Butterflies [Mirabilis Recordings]
- Praveen Achary - Pull My Legato [MakTub Music]
- Praveen Achary - Crossover (Incl remixes by Fiord, Manuel Sofia (MOS) & Tanseer) [MakTub Music]
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