'Sock and awe': Zaidi-inspired game takes swipe at Bush

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'Sock and awe': Zaidi-inspired game takes swipe at Bush

Postby michoz.d » Thu Dec 18, 2008 3:04 pm

Following in the footsteps of the Iraqi journalist who hurled his shoes at President George W Bush, anyone can take a virtual swipe at the US leader on the internet thanks to a new game.

The aim of Sock and Awe, launched by Britain's Alex Tew, is to knock Bush out with a shoe, a feat already attained by 1.4 million players, according to the website.

Named after the US 'shock and awe' military campaign to depose Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, the game gives players 30 seconds to aim at a figure of Bush ducking behind a rostrum.

Mr Tew, 24, drew world attention with a website he conceived when 21 to help raise money for his university education by selling off pixels at a dollar a piece.

Journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi, who was taken into custody after the Baghdad incident, has a broken arm and ribs after being struck by security agents, his brother said.

Sure, he's the most unpopular American president, EVER. But he still has cat-like reflexes! Can you peg the prez with a stinky boat shoe? How can you resist?

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